Routine Oil Analysis

Trending is extremely important in determining a machine’s health. A single, detailed analysis of an oil sample can be a valuable preventative maintenance tool in its own right, however it is as part of an ongoing program, where the trending of wear, contamination and lubricant chemistry really gain their power as a CBM tool, often allowing the identification and rectification of potential problems before they escalate to a more serious issue.

Routine Oil Analysis

Oil analysis reveals information that can be broken down into four discrete categories:

Wear: Clean, healthy, wear-free lubrication can lead to an exponential reduction in machine wear. Wear particles are a sure sign of an unhealthy machine; the correct detection and diagnosis assists you, the customer in taking the correct action with regard to critical maintenance decisions.

Chemistry: An assessment of the health of the lubricant itself to tell you whether the lubricant fit for service, or if it’s ready for replacement.

Contaminants: Usually ingress from the environment local to the component in question, most commonly water, general dirt and production-related contaminants, all of which can lead to unnecessary component wear and reduced lifespan.

Visual: Whilst the importance of the technologies used to assess the three factors above cannot be overstated, there is a further value in visual to compliment the more sophisticated tools also at our disposal in order to get a fuller picture of the condition of your oil.

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