Characterisation & Identification of Unknowns

Whilst standard oil analysis tackles the issue of identifying potential problems before they arise, there are times when the converse is required; recognising the source or cause of an issue after the event, or where particles or unknown deposits have been identified where the origin is unidentified, with the unknown nature being of primary concern.

Characterisation and Identification of Unknowns

For many industries, there is an ever-present pressure to recognise, categorise, quantify and follow the progress of contaminant material. Potential sources might include:

  • Wear or corrosion products
  • Residual solvents or other manufacturing-related contaminants
  • Particulates from packaging, products or other ingress
  • Extracted or leached material
  • Seal material and filter fibres
  • General dust, dirt, salts, greases, coolants
  • Raw materials

Ultimately, the number of possibilities is endless, making the ability to identify, isolate and control all the more important. Monition have a wealth of experience in the field of investigative chemical testing, and through the expertise provided by our scientific staff, in combination with the range of techniques at our disposal, we have a history of assisting our clients in the identification and characterisation of unknown materials.

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