Shredder Failure

Problem: Failure of a shredder system used to process foam and polymeric samples, more specifically failure of the hexagonal rotating shaft on which blades are mounted to process incoming material.

Discussion: On closer inspection, the ordinarily hexagonal shat had become rounded. Furthermore, the shaft was found to mark very easily through pressure from a surgical steel scalpel blade, unlike the knife components.

Shredder Failure

On-site Leeb hardness testing was performed on the shafts, knives and other system components. It was discovered that the hardness of the steel used in producing the shaft fell a long way short of what would be expected to mount the much harder blades. Through the processing of foam material, this translated to adverse wear on the shaft itself, gradually rounding the shaft to the point of the knives exhibiting extreme movement independent of the shaft

Shredder Failure

Solution: It was established that the issue was a material selection/design flaw, allowing our client to resolve the issue swiftly with their equipment supplier

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